About Us

Merry House originated in 1980,developing from the Sato English Academy, and has grown over the years, adding new curricula and participating in a variety of programs.
The main purpose of founding Merry House was to offer lessons of modern practical English for children. Today we provide a wide range of lessons for students of all ages and abilities, all offered in a custum-built facility. Our classes range from pre-kindergarten with
parents ( for children as young as one old) ,where students are exposed to English through pay and encouraged to learn natural pronunciation early on, through to one-on-one academic test preparation for teenagrers and adults. While many of our programs have changed over time , we are still dedicated to delivering great English lessons with friendly teachers..

Although average Japanese people have taken several years of English education during their schooling , most of them do not have a good command of what they have learned. This is because the English education in Japan still focuses on academic English, but not on practical English.

It goes without saying that it is important to learn academic English. However, the essence of English is that it is language, a communication tool, and what is demanded in the field of English education today is practical English which can be used in real life.

Reflecting these times, we offer a variety of English lessons at our school, and have participated in English education at a university. To encourage our students to acquire modern practical English skills is our ultimate purpose, and if we can accomplish this goal, nothing could give us more pleasure.


■English Conversation
Merry House offers English conversation classes for all ages, and the classes are all taught by a certified native English speaker. All the classes are designed to encourage students to acquire practical English skillsl. In class, students are given ample time and opportunity to use and practice what they have learned. Classes are available at different degrees of difficulty, from beginning-level to advanced-level.
Both private and group lessons are available.
■English Writing
What is necessary in English writing is different from what is needed in English speaking. This is because accuracy of grammar and vocabulary is vital in writing whereas body language and tone could cover mistakes in grammar and vocabulary when speaking. English writing classes at Merry House focus on grammar and vocabulary, and how to use them in real life situations. Writing classes are designed for academic students, but also available for adults.
■Entrance Exam Preparation
One well-known aspect of Japan's education system is relentless competition in college, high school, junior high school and sometimes elementary school entrance examinations. Merry House offers preparation classes for entrance exams which are notable for their flexibility. What will be taught in the class is based on the student's academic level and the school which the student is planning to enter.
■Qualifying Test Preparation
In recent times, English language study for work, school, and international travel and communication has been in high demand. Therefore, many people are interested in taking qualitying tests of English , such as TOEICR/TOFLR /STEP. Merry House offers preparation classes for above exams, and we are so proud of the high pass rate of our students.

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